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Musical Theater Year Round
Workshops, Camps, & Performances

Workshops/Performances for 2nd-10th Grades

Younger Kids Division for PK-1st grade

Counselors in 11th/12th graders, college students and alumni


Memphis Youth Musical Theater provides coaching, theatrical experience, and joy for performing for children and youth of all experience levels. MYMT offers fall, spring and summer workshops that conclude in an onstage, fully costumed performance of musical theater classics such as The Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Annie, Matilda, 101 Dalmations, The Sound of Music, and more for grades 2nd-10th grades and Tiny Tots Division. MYMT uses former troupe members in 11th and 12 grader and college students for counseling opportunities and performing roles.  Everyone is cast in the show.  Auditions are held the second day of the workshop for major and minor roles and ensemble.  2nd graders are assigned parts. Tiny Tots do not audition. Performers are coached in choreography, acting and vocals. Workshops will be held on Memphis Youth Musical Theater stage and studio each week at our home at 621 S. White Station Rd. Performances are held on the MYMT stage or the St Agnes Hook Theater. Beginners are welcomed with our veteran performers at MYMT.  We are proud of our performing troupe members, and many have honed their chops with MYMT. Our troupe members over the years have gone on to ensemble, solo, and lead roles at St Mary's School, White Station School, St Agnes, St George's, Hutchison, and Playhouse on the Square, to name a few.

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