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Policies & Procedures


  • In the event of a serious weather condition, call our office one hour prior to your class time at (901)921-0388 for a recorded message.


  • There are no make-up classes.


  • You may drop off and pick up your dancer by carpool line each day. Please do NOT block Wheelis. Use the parking lot across from the building if needed for part of the line up. In the event of a serious weather condition, you will receive an email, an hour in advance. Please check your email.

  • Moms or dads and 2.5-3 and PKJK students will get be invited in the dance room the first day for drop off, to get acquainted with the teacher, before class begins. As soon as the child is comfortable parents should wait in the lobby. There is an observation window on the door of the small studio, and the large studio door is open for observation.


  • We are in an old building and want to keep varmints away from our beautiful studio. Please clean up all your food and sweep, and bring home snack trash with you. No food in studio AT ANY TIME!


  • CBT guarantees 15 weeks of classes and we will go online only if absolutely necessary. There are no refunds in the event if this occurs. Our online classes are fantastic, and we appreciate your support to keep the teachers paid and the school going.


  • Our instructors have super tight schedules and we respect their privacy. We ask that you contact Ms. Mary or Ms. Kendra if you have any questions. All Nutcracker related questions ask Ms Alyssa We can also set up meetings with your teacher. For urgent situations please call the school at 901,921.0388.

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