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Children's Ballet Theater's Non -Profit 

When you support the Children’s Ballet Theater and its programs the Tennessee Ballet Theater, Clara & the Nutcracker and the Frayser Dance Project, you are providing engaging and inspirational opportunities for dancers of all ages to perform, and train for free in the art of dance. Children’s Ballet Theater is a 501c3 non profit.   Contributions for Clara & the Nutcracker donations are tax deductible.

We are excited to offer free ballet, contemporary and jazz classes, and performances to the children and teens in the community of Frayser.

Frayser Dance Project

Tillman & Euna Bunch 
Scholarship Program

We have wonderful opportunities at our home studio on White Station Rd for financial aid. Please contact for more information.

Nutcracker & Tennessee Ballet Theater Performances

Sponsorships for these performances help us sustain our outreach programs into underserved communities.  The performances also help integrate our school, professionals, and our outreach program.

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